Unique technology that let candidates sit for a professional interview, with a 3D character. With questions tailored to your future job role.

Our 3D animated character is always ready for you. Join anytime, anywhere and showcase the skills required for your future job role. Below are a few Goheadhunt tips to help you make the most of it.

The Goheadhunt virtual interview is the right environment to let your skills shine.

Structured interview that is clear,
easy to follow, and gives you a fair go.

Your response will reveal your skills, abilities, personality and future vision.

Another Professional Interview,
BUT this time, you are in control.

While listening to questions, there will be “Repeat” and “Skip” question buttons.
Use them to listen again, or skip the question, without affecting the recording.

The goal is to let your skills shine
Upon completion, you can make a choice.

What do you need to have to take a Virtual Interview?

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