We are changing the way
we do recruitment

with the only candidate-led recruitment platform


A digital marketplace designed to deliver a more robust and inclusive recruitment experience for both the candidate and employer, connecting them in a more effective and efficient way than traditional methods.

the light bulb moment​

A humble beginning!

The Goheadhunt story began in Brisbane in 2018 when Adham (founder) and his best friend Karim discussed their frustrations with recruitment. Adham was trying to hire a junior role for his small business and found it incredibly hard to find, sort, and interview the right candidate while running his business. Adham often found a significant difference between the person attending the interview and the person on the resume. ​

On the other hand, Karim dreamed of changing his job as a Paraplanner and joining a banking corporation or a consulting firm. Karim spent every evening doing the same thing, looking and applying for jobs. During the workday, Karim had to respond awkwardly to recruitment calls and find excuses to leave work to attend interviews.​

Adham decided that whether trying to find a new role or trying to hire a new employee, there had to be a better way. A few months later, Adham caught up with Karim to show him the first mock-up of what is now the Goheadhunt marketplace. A platform where candidates don’t have to apply for jobs and where employers don’t need to advertise. ​

the serious moment

From an idea to an opportunity to make a difference!

Peter Nisbet, a "Headhunter" with over 25 years of experience in senior recruitment in Australia and Internationally, recognised the potential of the Goheadhunt platform. Peter said to Adham, if we get this right it will be just like the movie Field of Dreams – "Build it, and they will come". So Peter took up the challenge to turn the Goheadhunt start-up into a business capable of disrupting the recruitment industry. Peter then brought on board Martin Goodrich – a person with over 30 years of corporate finance and advisory work, including success with the Tech start-up world.

The final piece of the corporate puzzle was to team up with the right investment partner - Lindsay Smith from Tayside Australia - Together with our advisors and colleagues, the Goheadhunt mission was alive and away.

The mission

We are changing the way we do recruitment!

Recruitment has always been an employer-driven activity. Our mission is to reverse the recruitment process, empower candidates to fulfil their career aspirations and provide equal employment opportunities for everyone. 

Meet The Team

Adham Ghafary​


Bernard Smith


Charlotte Marendy​

Social Media​


Lead Developer

Hesham Mustafa​

UX/UI Designer

Yana lazarova

Candidate Support

Meet The Board

Peter Nisbet​

Partner, The Insight Group

Lindsay Smith​

Director, Tayside Australia​

Martin Goodrich

Former Senior Partner, Findex​

Meet The Advisors

John Brazzale

Chairman, Pitcher Partners​

Tim Brazzale

CFO, Tayside Australia