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Detailed instructions on how to create your goheadhunt profile​

Part 1: How to create my profile on Goheadhunt.com.au

Learn the step by step instruction on how to create your profile on our platform.


Part 2: How specify my future role(s)

Learn the step by step instructions on how to specify your future role.


Part 3: How to prepare for and sit for the virtual interview

Learn the step by step instruction on how to attend our virtual interview. This includes what kind of questions you expect, the interview structure and tips for improving your video quality.

Part 4: How set my privacy and visibility parameters

Learn the step by step instruction on how to set your profile visibility including how to exclude some employers from seeing your profile. 


Frequently asked questions

How does Goheadhunt work?

Goheadhunt is a web platform that revolutionises the way we do recruitment. In its simplistic form, job seekers create a profile, specify their future roles, attend a virtual interview which gets recorded, nominate their referees and publish their profiles. Employers then use a search engine to search for talents, look up profiles, watch the interviews and check the references. The employer gets all the information needed to make a hiring decision. Similarly, Job seekers get a continuous presence in the job market without the pressures of actively looking for a job.

What is Goheadhunt virtual interview?

A unique technology that offers candidates the opportunity to attend a virtual interview with Arthur – our 3D character who will go through a series of questions tailored and related to the primary job role you wish to be considered for. Your interview gets recorded and placed on your profile for potential employers to watch. Read our interview preparation guide.

How do employers contact me?

On your Goheadhunt profile page, there is a candidate feed section in which potential employers can reach out to you with several questions they wish to ask. Employers can request the answers in text, voice memo, video or file upload. You can use this facility to exchange contact details to discuss further

Can I hide my profile from my current employer?

Yes, you can limit your profile visibility and specify if individual companies using their ABN are not to see your profile at all on any search result.

Who have access to my profile?

Your published profile, including your recorded interview, will be available to appear on search results matching your criteria by potential employers. All employers who join Goheadhunt goes through a manual verification process to verify they are registered and active Australian companies. You can easily hide your profile from any company using their ABN. You can change your visibility settings at any time.

Why do I need to verify my identity? and how my privacy is protected?

Our role is to ensure that all accounts on Goheadhunt are genuine. Employers are manually verified as registered and active Australian companies and that their users are their current representatives. Also, candidates are manually verified as genuine candidates. We ask candidates to add their Linkedin profile and upload an ID document that shows their face and current address. All your verification documents are used only for verification and to be stored on an encrypted database. Check our privacy policy for more details.