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Taking the next step in your career doesn’t have to be frustrating, tedious and cumbersome anymore. Goheadhunt is the only candidate-led recruitment platform. Watch this video to see how we are changing the way we do recruitment. 

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Three easy steps will take less than 15 minutes.
Gain continuous access to the employment market.


Create your Profile

Use our easy-to-fill digital form to build your eResume in a structured way.

You don’t need a resume to register on Goheadhunt. When you enter your information and credentials, Goheadhunt will generate your eResume. You can add or edit your work experience, education, and other information anytime to update your profile to suit your situation and assist us in finding jobs that match your profile.

You can also download a pdf resume from your profile page. Your pdf resume will include a QR code linking to your Goheadhunt profile page and your recorded interview. This extra addition gives any application that includes your Goheadhunt PDF resume an edge over others.


Specify your future job

Tell us the job roles and locations you’d consider for your next career move.  

Goheadhunt is a candidate-led recruitment platform providing you with the opportunity to specify the type of job roles and work conditions you wish to be considered for by potential employers. Goheadhunt platform is your perfect recruitment partner to help you find your next career move now and in the future. 

Once you specify your future job role, our search engine will never miss an opportunity to showcase your profile and interview to employers looking to fill roles matching your requirements. 

There are no hidden algorithms to keep your profile at the bottom of the pile. Instead, Goheadhunt is a clear and transparent tool providing equal employment opportunities.


Attend our Virtual Interview

A simple, structured and easy-to-follow AI-driven virtual interview tailored to your profile that lets your skills shine.

Are you tired of attending countless interviews? Is today not the best day for an important role interview? How many times did the interview go wrong? We’ve figured out how to fix those issues. Attend ONE Goheadhunt interview, and we’ll show it to many employers Goheadhunt virtual interview is your chance to present your skills and abilities and show your best personality with our AI virtual interview technology. 


Unlike any interview you’ve ever done, the Goheadhunt interview is here to help you get the best job. Conduct the Goheadhunt virtual interview from anywhere and at any time. Your Goheadhunt interview is free from the stress of only having one chance to get it right.

 We deliver the interview in a real simulation but using our 3D animated character giving you the comfort and control to get the best out of you. You can repeat questions or retake the whole interview anytime. We aim to show your best personality and allow your skills to shine

Get Headhunted!

Employers looking for your skills and personality will find and connect with you.

Goheadhunt Recruitment Platform is your perfect solution to manage your entire career journey efficiently and effectively. Once you publish your profile, employers anywhere can search, find and connect with you. It is your choice to select the jobs and employers’ offers you wish to explore further. Receive and respond to employers’ questions and offers quickly from your dashboard

Goheadhunt is the best tool to find jobs and grow your career efficiently and effectively.

Goheadhunt is a clear and transparent tool providing everyone with an equal employment opportunity.​

Why Us

Profile Page​​

Everything you need to manage your entire career journey.
Create & edit your eResume
Generate a PDF Resume
Nominate your referees
Receive employers offers
Get analytics on your profile views

Virtual Interview​​

Showcase your skills, qualities and personality. Never miss an opportunity.
Conduct one interview for many opportunities
Do the interview anywhere and at anytime
Control the interview at your own pace
Present yourself in a more engaging way
Retake the interview at anytime

Privacy & Security

Your data on Goheadhunt is fully secured. You control your profile visibility.
Your data is fully encrypted and locally stored in Sydney
You can exclude any company from seeing your profile
Only verified employers access your profile
No sensitive information is stored
Unpublish your profile at anytime

Choose your nursing profession and Goheadhunt finds your next job.

Theatre Nurse

Clinical Nurse

Enrolled Nurse

Mental Health Nurse

Nurse Unit Manager

Practice Nurse

Registered Nurse

Nursing Career in Australia

Nurses are the backbone of any community and central to the healthcare sector. A career in nursing offers many opportunities to work in various areas and learn new skills. Work as part of a care team in a hospital, medical practice or community healthcare setting. The Goheadhunt platform acts like your personal recruiter to find your next career move.

Assistant Nurse: If you have completed a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance (HLT33115) or are studying for a Bachelor in Nursing, you are ready to create your profile to get headhunted for Assistant Nurse roles.

Enrolled Nurse: If you have completed or are about to complete your Diploma in Nursing (HLT54115) with a registered training organisation, you are ready to create your profile to get headhunted for Enrolled Nurse jobs within hospitals, medical centres or aged care facilities.

Registered Nurse: If you have completed or are about to complete a Bachelor in Nursing or Bachelor of Science majoring in nursing, then you are ready to create your profile to receive job
offers for a registered nurse.

You must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA)! to start working as a nurse in Australia.

Enrolled Nurse: If you have completed a Diploma in Nursing (HLT54115) with a registered training organisation, and have years of experience as an Enrolled Nurse, create your profile to get headhunted for Enrolled Nurse jobs within hospitals, medical centres or aged care facilities.

Registered Nurse: If you have several years of experience, you may be interested in certain nursing areas like Practice Nurses, Theatre Nurses, Mental Health Nurses or Clinical Nurses.

Managerial Roles: You may also want to consider more administrative and managerial roles like a Nurse Unit Manager or Nurse Practitioner.

  • Assistant Nurse                           $44,200
  • Enrolled Nurse                             $62,621
  • Registered Nurse                         $79,642
  • Practice Nurse                             $81,094
  • Theatre Nurse                              $83,372
  • Mental Health Nurse                   $97,403
  • Clinical Nurse                               $101,733
  • Nurse Unit Manager                    $116,164
  • Nurse Practitioner                       $129,025

International Nurses Moving to Australia

Australia welcomes nurses from all over the world to come live, work, and build a fulfilling career.

Registered Nurses in one of the following countries are likely to meet the equivalent qualification as a nurse qualified in Australia.

United Kingdom | New Zealand | Canada | Hong Kong | Unites States | Ireland
Are you ready to move to Australia and work as a nurse?  The best thing about a career in nursing is that you can work anywhere in the world. To work as a nurse in Australia you will need to meet the registration requirements of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia – AHPRA. You must meet five criteria to be determined suitable for migration to Australia. 
  1. Proof of identity
  2. English language proficiency: You must pass and achieve the minimum score for one of the following English language tests:
    • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – minimum score 7
    • Occupational English Test (OET) for Nurses – minimum score B
    • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic – minimum overall score of 65
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) iBT – minimum total score of 94
  3. Meet Australian nursing and midwifery education standards: You will require assessment by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) to determine whether your qualifications and experience will be recognised by the Board. Registered Nurses in one of the following countries are likely to meet the equivalent qualification as a nurse qualified in Australia:
    • New Zealand
    • Hong Kong
    • Canada
    • United Kingdom
    • United States of America
    • Republic of Ireland
  4. Professional practice: You must demonstrate practising as a nurse or midwife in the 5 years preceding your application date.
  5. Demonstrate that you are fit to practice in Australia: You must demonstrate that you are fit to practise without restrictions.
You can submit your application for registration to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia – Click here

Goheadhunt's Interview for Nurses

Give your skills the chance to shine. Structured interview that is clear, easy to follow, and tailored to your profile.
The Goheadhunt virtual interview will provide you with the opportunity to showcase the skills healthcare organisations are looking for in you, for example:
Communication skills
Work under pressure
Time management
Process management
Attention to details
Team Management (Managerial roles)
Leadership (Managerial roles)

Get started with Goheadhunt today

Sit back and relax while our powerful search engine finds your next career move. Here you’ll have the opportunity to truly make an impact and present yourself better than ever.

Frequently Asked

Creating your profile on Goheadhunt is a simple process that will take you less than 20 min. After registration, create your eResume by filling in the fields. Then you can specify the job roles your wish to consider. You can then choose to attend the Goheadhunt 3D interview. Once completed, your profile will be live for Employers to find and headhunt you.

Goheadhunt is completely for FREE for candidates.
You control your profile visibility on Goheadhunt. For example, you can exclude companies from seeing your profile using their name and ABN.
Goheadhunt provides employers with a complete end to end platform to find and hire you. Employers searching for your skills will find your profile, watch the interview and then choose to connect with you. Employers can use the “Questions” function to communicate with you. As a candidate, you’ll be notified via email every time an employer reaches out.
Goheadhunt is a member and partner with several industry associations and peak industry bodies. Each peak body exposes your profile to thousands of active employers within your industry. So we can keep our promise of allowing you to sit back and let jobs come to you.

NO. Goheadhunt reverses the process of recruitment. When you join the Goheadhunt nursing portal, you complete your application process only once. Healthcare organisations get the chance to view your profile and watch your interview before connecting with you about their open vacancy. 

Yes, you can run practice interviews and once happy with your interview, you can submit it for publishing.

Yes, you can run practice interviews and once happy with your interview, you can submit it for publishing.

Yes, you can unpublish your profile anytime from your account settings. Once you are ready to receive job offers again, you can log in to your account and re-publish your profile. You can update your profile data and interview at any time. 

You can upload a copy of your AHPRA registration, credentials, transcripts, English Language test certificate, or any other documentation to your profile.